Coffee Tables That Convert Into Desks And Dining Tables

Published: 15th March 2011
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Convertible coffee tables... what are they? Well,, convertible coffee tables are tables that do double-duty.

A few tables that transform shape are lift-top tables, flip-tops, sliding, adjustable and expandable coffee tables.

You'll get certain pros and cons with each coffee table. If you living a small place, you may find cocktail tables that convert to be the perfect option. Since convertible cocktail tables are often dual-purpose, it means you can make use of more than one function.

Coffee Tables that are Height Adjustable

Adjustable coffee tables are cocktail tables and dinner tables merged into one. They're great for small homes because one piece of furniture can replace the need for two separate pieces of furniture. They adjust to dining table height--often giving you free reign over what height you want to adjust the coffee table to. There are also a few tables on the market that aren't only adjustable, but also Extending, which means you can double the size of the table top.

Coffee Tables with Flip-Tops

If you want something that can double in size by extending, the flip-top coffee tables are a great option. Flip-top cocktail tables are operateelatively simply. The size of the table double is double by pulling the leaves of the table out. These are the preferred choice when your needs for a larger work surface are temporary.

Coffee Tables that Expand

Although expandable cocktail tables also increase in size like flip-top cocktail tables, it's how they convert that's a little different. Expandable coffee tables expand in size by sliding outward.

Coffee Tables with Lift-Tops

Cocktail tables with lift-tops are coffee tables and desks combined. They're perfect in small spaces in which you need a temporary home office because you can't afford the space for both and office and living space.

Some coffee tables raise to different heights, so you'll want to make sure the one you're interested in raises to the height you need it to.

Selecting the Coffee Table That is Best for You

The coffee table you decide to go with will be based on your most important needs.

To discover your needs, you need to ask yourself several questions?

Do you need a coffee table that can help you with your permanent need or temporary needs? If you need something to help you with your temporary needs, it's pretty simple. Extending coffee tables and flip top tables are the best option if you need something that has multiple functions but you don't need to use it too frequently. Adjustable and lift-top tables work great if you need to make use of a home office or dining table on a frequent basis.

Once you understand your needs, choosing the right convertible coffee table is pretty simple.

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